Thursday, May 20, 2010

Electron 45 " MENGGILA " out now

Hey Beat Believers.. whats up? hows everything? fiuuhh udah lama banget gue ga update my blog.. well to me.. im preparing everything for my new band called "ELECTRON 45" udah dirilis cdnya.. judulnya MENGGILA.. you know the reason why we called the album menggila when you buy the copy. Im very excited for the album because i produced 2 song for the album and the whole lyrics. 1st song i produced and wrote is Hey, but this tune im working also with DJ ROMY, so its kinda fun when we work it out. We called Hey its a pop electronic music, i put the touch of pop and DJ ROMY put the electronic touch in it, turn out to be GREAT! Hey already released on your local radio so make sure you request it if you want to listen. Second song i produced is HANYA DIA. This is my personal favourite song from the album because i put a lot of feelings and mood in it, it was fun when i heard TYO NUGROS put a lot of energy on this song! no one can play drums like he did, it was crazy! and hopefully it will be our next single. My persnal favourite again on the album is Ambigu, the song is featuring one of our talented indonesian artist AURA KASIH.. getting currious? GET THE ALBUM NOW BEAT BELIEVERS.. i put a lots of love on this one special dedicated to my Beat Believers! enjoy the album ELECTRON 45 "MENGGILA"